'If You Want Something Done'

Ruth finally tells Connie about her new job in America, while Simon is left distraught.

Ruth is at the breakfast table, laptop open at the website of her new American employers. There's no sign of Connie so Ruth goes to her room. Unable to wake her, Ruth panics and sees that Connie's taken a herbal remedy to help her sleep. Connie wakes and assures Ruth it's fine. At the Campus, Ruth gets Zara to check out the remedy. Zara says it won't do Connie much harm, but adds that Ruth has to tell her Mum about America soon.

When Ruth gets home, she tells Connie about the job and Connie turns on the tears - Ruth can't leave her, not now they've found each other again. Connie piles on the emotional blackmail and Ruth says she'll stay if that's what Connie wants.

Meanwhile, Simon arrives at the morgue and insists on seeing Scarlett's body. It's not normal procedure but the pathologist allows him in and reels off an exhaustive list from the post mortem report. Simon is horrified by the extent of Scarlett's injuries - how did he miss them? He shows up at the Campus and Zara finds him immersing himself in unimportant tasks and comments on how well he's coping.

At home, Cherry tells Simon she's not leaving him yet but Simon convinces her he's fine and has a friend coming over for dinner. Cherry goes and Simon cooks dinner for one. In the lounge, he imagines seeing the pathologist and Scarlett's body in front of him, and crumples to the floor, shaking as tears begin to flow…

In today's story of the day, Karen's attempts to unblock her kitchen sink start a chain reaction of events that quickly spiral out of control.

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